Toothbrush in Lightweight Pouch | 2-Pack
Toothbrush in Lightweight Pouch | 2-Pack
Toothbrush in Lightweight Pouch | 2-Pack

Toothbrush in Lightweight Pouch | 2-Pack

B Corp
Product is created by a Certified B Corp. Preserve and other B Corps meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability and social/environmental performance.
Made in USA
Made in America to reduce transportation impacts, create jobs locally and support production in the US.
Product is made from 100% recycled plastic.
Gimme 5
Recyclable through our Gimme 5 recycling program.
BPA Free
Product does not contain BPA or phthalates.


  • Made with LOVE and recycled yogurt cups
  • Handle created with 100% recycled #5 plastic; bristles are new nylon
  • Two pack comes in assorted colors including Grass Green, Berry Red, Aqua, Purple, Orange and White.
  • Ultra soft, tiered bristles for gentle and thorough cleaning
  • Easy-to-grip curved handle
  • Be sure to learn about our toothbrush recycling program listed below

Preserve consulted closely with dental professionals to create a toothbrush that gets your teeth cleaner but minimizes your impact on the environment. The design includes a curved handle for those hard-to-reach places and a three-level bristle arrangement to massage your gums. And while the bristles are brand new, the handle is made from recycled #5 plastics (which include things like yogurt cups.) Preserve toothbrushes are recyclable through Preserve's mail-in recycling program.  Our lightweight pouch now features new packaging designs made especially us for through a collaboration with artists for humanity.

Customer Reviews

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I have lots of toothbrushes saved up. How should I recycle them?

Though we no longer pay for the postage to send Preserve toothbrushes back to us for recycling, we have two great options for you.

If there is a Gimme 5 location near you, you can drop your Preserve toothbrushes and any other #5 plastics in the Gimme 5 bin.  This has always been the most environmentally friendly way to recycle your Preserve toothbrushes. 

You can also mail your toothbrushes to us for recycling.  As a thank-you for paying the postage, we will give you a $6 coupon to our online store when you mail back six Preserve toothbrushes.  Since you already have a collection of toothbrushes, you are well on your way to big savings!  Just visit our site here and print a mailing label that includes recycling tracking information. Then, attach it along with postage to the packaging of your choice.  When your shipment is processed in our recycling facility, you will receive an email indicating how many toothbrushes we received.  Once you hit an increment of six, we will send out your coupon via email. (Please note that due to high volume in our recycling facility it may take several weeks from the time you mail your toothbrushes to the time you receive your email).

Why does the Preserve toothbrush have a curved handle?

The curve in the Preserve's handle promotes a more natural and comfortable feel to allow brushing at all angles. This ergonomic feature was designed with dental professionals to help you brush along the gumline and easily reach the forgotten areas where plaque hides.

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