Preserve Ocean Plastic Initiative (POPi)

We know that one razor or one toothbrush doesn’t solve the enormous problem of ocean plastic. We also know that little steps count. We are proud to be taking steps and to be supporting some amazing organizations that are having positive impacts on ocean health. Through the Preserve Ocean Plastic Initiative (POPi), we are creating new products – our POPi Adult Toothbrush and POPi Shave 5 razor system - made from plastic that was collected from coastlines and waterways and was at risk of entering the ocean.

POPi Shave 5 available now.
POPi Toothbrush available this fall. Pre-order now.

POPi Shave 5 Razor System | Handle & 1 Blade (ships after Sept 5)
POPi Toothbrush | Single (ships fall 2019)
POPi Shave 5 Replacement Blades | 4 Blades (ships after Sept 5)