Working at Preserve

The Preserve Family is made up of unique individuals who share a passion for social business and for creating more sustainable and responsible products. Hailing from as far as Turkey and as near as Cambridge, we are readers and runners; cookers and crafters; sailors and skiers; yogis and taekwondogies; hikers and bikers; gardeners and community volunteers. Together, we bring Preserve’s mission to life every day.

We aim to take our work seriously, but also to laugh at ourselves. Underlying all that we do is a respect for each other and an acknowledgement that it is our unique experiences and perspectives that make us a stronger team. We are flexible but accountable. We work hard and play as often as we can, sharing potlucks, birthdays, and tossing a Frisbee after an outdoor meeting.

Finally, our team wouldn’t be complete without an incredible and involved Board of Directors. Read about Preserve’s Board.



At Preserve, you’ll often find dogs in the office, and occasionally kids too. You’ll also find directors that work part time, as well as hourly employees who set their own schedules. Life is complicated and working at a place you love should help make things easier, not further complicate it.


If you’re here all day, it needs to be fun (Frisbee anyone?) and a little goofy.





We think honesty is the best policy. We strive to be up front with each other and don’t believe in office “politics.” We also share our financials with the full team. We all need to understand where we are and where we’re going.


We wear our values on our sleeve (actually, on our wall.) We are all here because we’re working toward a common goal:

  • We are inspired environmental pioneers
  • We believe in service beyond our size
  • We are collaborative and cooperative
  • We have faith in fairness and transparency
  • We have a greater social mission
  • We believe that by working together, we all achieve more

join us

Any open positions will be posted below:



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