founding story

Ever since his childhood in rural Western Massachusetts, Eric Hudson has always been happiest when outdoors. After many years of work in the finance and consulting worlds, his appreciation for the natural world inspired him to apply his professional experience toward preserving the environment.

After studying the recycling system at the time, Eric noticed a missing link: more people were recycling, but very few manufacturers were putting recycled materials to good use. So in 1996, Eric addressed this gap by founding Preserve and dedicating his new venture to using the Earth's resources more efficiently and responsibly.

Where better to start than with a familiar everyday necessity like the toothbrush? Eric worked with dentists, scientists and engineers to develop the recycling process, identify appropriate recycling streams and design the Preserve Toothbrush. He enlisted his father, Fred Hudson, a car and boat designer, to establish the elegant and distinctive design aesthetic for the new brand, and assembled the team that would become the core of Preserve as we know it today.

Today, Preserve is a dynamic, environmentally-focused lifestyle company offering consumers a range of recycled plastic and plant-based products for both in and out of the home, and for multi- or single-use occasions.

Want to listen and learn more? Eric shared Preserve's founding story and evolution on the Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation Podcast.

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