Gimme 5 Overview

Thank you for your interest in recycling with Gimme 5. Our mail in program for #5 plastics recycling continues to be paused.  Although we had hoped to hit a September 1, 2021 reopen date, we unfortunately weren't able to do that. While we continue to work on reopening, we do not yet have a timeframe that we can offer.

We paused the Gimme 5 program November 2020 due to logistical challenges that arose due to the pandemic and in order to re-start, we need to re-build our logistics system around receiving and processing and do it in a way that is both environmentally and financially efficient.

We realize that Preserve Gimme 5 is unique in offering mail in #5 recycling and while we are on pause, we wish we could offer alternative solutions. Unfortunately, since these vary widely, we do not have a region by region recommendation. Instead, we offer some general resources below:

  • Earth911 – offers information on recycling access by zip code as well as tips for greener living
  • Caps on - Did you know that the Association of Plastics Recyclers recommends that caps remain on plastic bottles for recycling? Please check with your local recycler to see if they will accept this option.
  • Preserve Toothbrush takeback – Preserve’s toothbrush takeback program (for Preserve toothbrushes only) remains open.

As a first step, please reduce:

The Gimme 5 program is intended to help bridge some gaps in the patchwork of America’s recycling. However, we know that mailing in recycling isn’t a perfect long-term solution for most people.   This brings us back to the sustainability tenets of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Listed in order of importance, “reduce” remains the most effective piece of advice for avoiding waste. While some things (like prescription bottles) may be hard to reduce, others are avoidable through careful planning. For example, an alternative to individual serving yogurts are larger “family size” yogurts that can be packed into smaller reusable containers. Single use drink containers can be addressed by planning ahead and bringing a water bottle or a cup from home. By carefully considering what we each choose to purchase, we can often reduce what we need to recycle.

Thank you again for your interest in recycling!

The Preserve Team

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