Gimme 5 Overview

In 2007, in order to help consumers “close the loop” in their products’ lifespans, we took our business a step further and developed the Gimme 5 recycling takeback program, enabling individuals, companies, and institutions to collect and recycle #5 polypropylene plastic. Through our partnership with Whole Foods Market, we are able to use their stores as drop-off locations, and utilize its existing recycling infrastructure to reclaim the #5 plastic. Once our recycling centers receive the materials, we are able to create new Preserve products that are 100% collected and manufactured right here in the US.

Why #5? Polypropylene is one of the safest plastics, but also one of the least recycled plastics. Many municipal recycling systems do not collect #5 as widely as #1 and #2. Through the Gimme 5 program, we not only raise awareness and accessibility, but we also cut resource usage by about half, compared to newly-produced (virgin) #5 plastic. We sort, wash, melt, pelletize and test, allowing us to turn the once used plastic into raw materials to create beautiful, new Preserve products.


Since the founding of Gimme 5, Preserve has worked with the following partners on End of Life recycling solutions