Everyday Tableware Set | Pack for 4
Everyday Tableware Set | Pack for 4
Everyday Tableware Set | Pack for 4
Everyday Tableware Set | Pack for 4
Everyday Tableware Set | Pack for 4

Everyday Tableware Set | Pack for 4

Apple Green
Midnight Blue
Pepper Red
B Corp
Product is created by a Certified B Corp. Preserve and other B Corps meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability and social/environmental performance.
Made in USA
Made in America to reduce transportation impacts, create jobs locally and support production in the US.
Product is made from 100% recycled plastic.
Gimme 5
Recyclable through our Gimme 5 recycling program.
BPA Free
Product does not contain BPA or phthalates.
Dishwasher Safe
Product is durable enough to be cleaned in a dishwasher without suffering warping or other degradation.
Melamine Free
Microwave Durable
Product is approved for reheating food in the microwave and will not warp or otherwise degrade.

This tableware pack includes the following:

  • 9.5” plate - set of 4
  • 16 oz. bowl - set of 4
  • 16 oz. cup - set of 4


  • Designed to last. Reuse forever...or return it to us and we will!
  • Can withstand hundreds, if not thousands of uses
  • Curved shapes for improved sturdiness
  • Textured eating surface on plate conceals knife marks
  • Made of 100% recycled #5 plastic, 100% recyclable


Preserve Everyday Tableware is perfect for everything from casual family meals to al fresco dining. The plates have been specially designed for ease of use, shaped and weighted for stability and resistance to spills. They are also designed to be dishwasher safe and durable enough to last decades–they can literally be used thousands of times. For this reason, we chose a textured material on the plate to hide utensil marks. 

When Preserve set out to make Everyday Tableware, we wanted to ensure that it could be a permanent member of your household. We agonized and analyzed as we added each gram of plastic to the product to arrive at the perfect balance of sturdiness while minimizing the amount of precious recycled resources we used. Material isn't the only thing that creates strength and durability; the curved line that sweeps across the cups, bowls, and plates that makes all the difference in their strength. Learn more about how we designed the Everyday line in this case study found here.

Customer Reviews

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What is the difference between the On the Go and Everyday Tableware lines?

Our On the Go Tableware is lighter weight tableware that is intended for hundreds of uses.  The Everyday Tableware is heavier weight and lasts for thousands of uses.  The Everyday Tableware line employs a number of sustainable design techniques to encourage reuse and lower environmental impact over the lifetime of the product.  Both lines, including the cutlery, are dishwasher safe and withstand repeated use very well.

Are Preserve products microwave safe?

Our food storage products have been tested for microwave durability by a leading independent certifier and will not, break, crack, or overheat when used for reheating foods in the microwave. The plastics used to make our products also meet FDA approval for temperatures found during microwaving.  However, we still believe that the decision of whether or not to microwave your food in any plastic is ultimately a personal one, since there is still debate about the health risks of doing so.  While our other products have not yet undergone the certification process, they are made from the same FDA-approved plastics as our food storage containers.  Over time, we will continue to test our other products through independent third party certifiers.

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