Why Amazon?

Hey Preserve - Why are you sending me to Amazon?

Amazon is a key partner in helping us to improve access to our products throughout the US and abroad.

We know Amazon isn’t perfect. Neither are we. Amazon provides a huge marketplace for smaller companies like ours to get our products out to more consumers and help our business grow. Also, many people go to Amazon to research products and we want to make sure that those looking for sustainable household and personal care items are able to learn more about our products and our company. We also see forward-looking commitments related to the environment (Amazon has committed to be Net Zero by 2040) and new features that enable shoppers to sort by climate-friendly criteria. We are looking forward to watching one of America’s largest companies take steps to reach this goal and helping them where we can.

We appreciate the support of all of our Preservers and want everyone to be able to buy in a way that is best for them.

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