How To Recycle


We are glad to accept your #5 recycling by mail, though before you participate, we encourage you to check on the availability of #5 municipal recycling services in your area.

To make this mail-in recycling program as environmentally-friendly as possible, we encourage you to reuse a box and pack it densely, and if possible, ship by ground. Although packing densely is important, we ask that you do not cut up your plastics as this makes it difficult for our team identify and sort #5s. Also, we ask that for items like yogurt cups that may have a “shrink sleeve” or paper label, that you remove the shrink sleeve or paper label before mailing.

Please note that as of November 27, 2020, we had to pause our Gimme 5 mail in program due to logistical challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank you for not making any Gimme 5 shipments for now. Our hope is to reopen the program by September 1, 2021. We expected to make an update by July 1 on whether we'd be able to meet this target but we've had to push out that date to later in July. Thank you for your understanding!

Gimme 5 - Previous Format

Preserve’s Gimme 5 Program no longer offers a drop off option. While we do still collect #5 plastic at participating Whole Foods Markets across the country, our public collection is now limited to the for plastic cutlery that is used for in store dining. Cutlery is an item that faces specific recycling challenges and is only able to be recycled through the Gimme 5 program. Please note that our cutlery recycling program is not yet available in all regions of Whole Foods Market.


Check out our Gimme 5 FAQs here.

See a list of what we accept for recycling here.

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