How To Recycle


We are glad to accept your #5 recycling by mail, though before you participate, we encourage you to check on the availability of #5 municipal recycling services in your area.

To make this mail-in recycling program as environmentally-friendly as possible, we encourage you to reuse a box and pack it densely, and if possible, ship by ground. Out of an abundance of caution in the era of COVID-19, we also ask that in addition to your #5 plastics being clean and dry, that you let your box sit for 7 days before bringing it to the post office. Please ship to:

Preserve Gimme 5
823 State Route 13
Cortland, NY 13045-6574

Drop Off

The Gimme 5 Drop Off program is changing. Since Gimme 5 was founded in 2007, access to #5 recycling has increased tremendously. Many of the items that once found a recycling home in the Gimme 5 bin (such as yogurt cups and hummus tubs) can now be recycled locally. Because of this, we are now changing our focus for in-store collection at Whole Foods Market to be on an item that still faces recycling challenges: the plastic cutlery that is used for in store dining. Although it is not yet in all regions, in-store Gimme 5 collection at Whole Foods Market is changing to focus on cutlery, with all other #5 recycling through Gimme 5 being directed to mail in. Learn more about this change here.


Check out our Gimme 5 FAQs here.

See a list of what we accept for recycling here.

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