Food Service


Through innovations in recycled and biodegradable materials and sustainable design, Preserve has been creating more resourceful ways to make everyday products since 1996. Preserve empowers people to choose products that are better for the earth by offering real solutions for food service without compromise.


We offer two innovative single-use cutlery options that are perfect for any food service setting. Both can also be used in the Preserve Cutlery Dispenser.

Medium Weight Cutlery
Preserve's Medium Weight Cutlery is made in the USA from 100% recycled #5 plastic. It is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and recyclable after use.

Compostable Cutlery
Preserve's Compostable Cutlery is made in the USA from plants and tolerates temperatures up to 190°F. Our Compostable Cutlery is commercially compostable and we will be offering backyard compostable cutlery soon.


The best single-use cutlery option for environmentally conscious food service providers who are looking for a more sustainable and convenient choice.

Preserve’s Cutlery Dispenser chambers can be fully customized to meet your food service needs. The dispenser releases single pieces of cutlery with the push of a button so that diners only touch what they use. This push-release function assures sanitary conditions. Each dispenser holds 400 utensils—60% more than the leading competitor.

For multiple dispensers/locations pricing or for information on our distributor partners, please contact

Find set up and maintenance instruction for the dispenser, including brief videos here.


Preserve 2 Go is a reusable to-go container on a mission to eliminate the waste of millions of disposable takeaway containers by shifting to a more sustainable, eco-friendly option.

This durable reusable food storage container is made in the USA with at least 50% recycled polypropylene plastic and is NSF-certified for use in commercial food service environments, including commercial dishwashers. The Preserve 2 Go is BPA-free, microwave-durable, and customizable with any message or logo. The Preserve 2 Go is on the leading edge of a move to reusables by taking steps to eliminate the waste generated by single-use disposables in food service.

Download the Post-Landfill Action Network (PLAN) How To Guide to learn more about how to set up a to-go container program on your campus


Preserve Everyday Tableware and Heavy Duty Cutlery are perfect for classrooms, office dining, and events.

The Everyday plates, bowls, and cups have been specially designed for ease of use and shaped and weighted for stability and resistance to spills. The dishes are also durable enough to last decades and can be used thousands of times. These tableware products pair well with Preserve's Heavy Duty Cutlery which has been designed to withstand hundreds of uses.

Our Everyday Tableware and Heavy Duty Cutlery are made in the USA from 100% recycled #5 plastic. They are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

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