Preserve Connect

Got an idea you want to run by us? A question you want to ask, or a topic to brainstorm? Preserve Connect is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs with ideas and innovations related to sustainable products, recycling, or social business, to meet with Preserve senior team members. In these meetings, we’re glad to share some of what we’ve learned from navigating the waters of sustainable business over the past 20 years. You may even learn a thing or two about Preserve, like when Eric owned a car powered by grease!

In order to schedule a Preserve Connect meeting, please email with your name,and a sentence or two describing your project so we can get the most out of our 15 minutes together. We'll write back with some potential times. Most sessions are held by phone, but if you are in the Boston area, we welcome an in-person meeting. We look forward to meeting with you!


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