Q: What do a parrot fish, a golden lion tamarin and a quetzal all have in common?

A: They are all endangered and they benefit from our efforts to protect them and their habitats.

One of the best ways to start caring about animals and their environments is to start learning about them. Check out some fun facts about these animals, or download one of our coloring pages. Are you an artist? Submit your artwork of one of these animals to for inclusion in our "gallery." If we post it, we'll send you a free toothbrush!



Golden Lion Tamarin

  • Golden lion tamarins are mammals and their babies are usually born as twins. They spend their whole life in trees.
  • Golden lion tamarins are only found in a small forest near Rio de Janeiro (Brazil.)
  • There are only 500-600 golden lion tamarins in the wild. Conservation programs at zoos are a big reason why golden lion tamarins are still alive.


  • Quetzals are medium-sized, colorful birds that are found throughout the Central American mountain rainforests.
  • Quetzals eat mostly fruits and even time their movements around the forest to match when fruit ripens.
  • Male quetzals show off bright green tail feathers to females by dancing, flying and singing.
  • The Quetzal is a symbol of liberty (freedom) in Central America.


  • Parrotfish eat the algae that live inside corals. To do this, they have strong grinding teeth to crush the coral. Much of the sand in areas where parrotfish live is actually this crushed up coral!
  • Parrotfish can change from female to male, even as adults.
  • Parrotfish cover themselves in a bubble of mucous to sleep in at night.
  • Parrotfish rely on healthy corals to survive so they have food to eat.

Artist's Gallery

Emily, Age 5

June, Age 6

Rowan, Age 9


Check out amazing pictures of the Parrotfish, the Golden Lion Tamarin and many more animals on National Geographic's website devoted to animal pictures.


Creating together and talking about animals is a great way to learn about nature. National Wildlife Federation and Growing Up Wild both provide a wide variety of fun craft activities that you can try with your friends or family.

    National Wildlife Federation - Educator Tools

    Growing Up Wild Crafts and Activities


Download our coloring pages and enjoy coloring together. If possible, print on the back of another sheet of paper.

    Coloring Pages

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