Full Circle® The Ring Vegetable Brush

Full Circle® The Ring Vegetable Brush

B Corp
Product is created by a Certified B Corp. Preserve and other B Corps meet the highest standards of transparency, accountability and social/environmental performance.
Product is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Part bamboo handle, part natural/recycled bristle blends. We love the ergonomic design!


  • Comfortable thumb placement
  • Natural & recycled bristles are tough enough to remove dirt, yet soft enough not to bruise
  • Looks great on your counter – stand ‘em, stack ‘em, or hang ‘em!
  • Can double as a nail brush
  • Bamboo is finished with natural oils to withstand water

Whenever we look for a new product to add to our assortment, we look for products that complement the Preserve line and we consider the design, environmental impact, and overall company mission.  Fellow B Corp, Full Circle, has fulfilled all of our expectations in these areas and we’re thrilled to welcome a few of their products to our online store.  From a sustainability lens, these products bring together a combination of eco-conscious materials, positive lifestyle choices and intentional design.  They truly balance style, function, sustainability and affordability.  We hope that these products, along with Preserve’s, will delight you in your everyday activities as you take small steps to reduce your impact on the earth.

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Are Full Circle products sustainably made in China?

Preserve has chosen to offer a selection of products made outside of the USA and brought to us by trusted partners. In these special cases choose products made outside the U.S. because of the overall commitment to social & environmental responsibility shown by our partners.  These selected products not only choose environmentally conscious materials that we support, they have great designs and are fun to use. In addition, the companies are mission-driven businesses which seek to create positive social change.

We have gotten to know Full Circle and are impressed with the care that they are taking to invest in their Chinese partners. The companies is taking many steps to improve manufacturing processes in China setting an example that can be replicated.

Most of Full Circle products are sustainably made in China. Full Circle was launched by four co-founders while living in China. Many of the products use bamboo, cellulose and loofah, all raw materials which grow in China. Full Circle is involved in everything from raw materials sourcing. Read Full Circle's Sustainably Made In China statement from Co-Founder, Heather Kauffman, for more information.

To learn more about Full Circle, visit http://www.fullcirclehome.com/ or e-mail info@fullcirclehome.com

As a reminder, all of Preserve’s products are made in the USA