Your Preserve cutlery dispenser

Preserve's Cutlery Dispenser offers space for 400 pieces of cutlery and interchangeable chambers which allow you to configure the dispenser for your needs.  All Preserve cutlery is made in the U.S.A. from 100% recycled polypropylene plastic and is BPA free

Placing your Dispenser

Your dispenser will work best if it is placed on a level surface and is prevented from sliding back. Please use either a backstop (for example, up against a wall) or screw down the base.  You can access the screw holes in the front of the base by removing the tray.

If you choose to mount your dispenser to a wall you will need to use the wall mount.  The wall mount comes with every dispenser and is secured into the back panel.  If you do not need it now, please save it for later.  Fully loaded the dispenser weighs about 25 lbs; please use screws and supports that fit your wall type.

Loading Your Dispenser With Cutlery

Please train all operators who will load the cutlery.
Handle the sleeves with care.  Cutlery may fall out.  No adhesive

  1. Lift off dispenser’s clear green hood and set it aside. 
  2. Push button at top of chamber and pull down chamber door to open.
  3. Hold cutlery sleeve with bowl or tines facing down. Knives must face to the right.
  4. Slide cutlery all the way down into the channel.
  5. Slide sleeve off and recycle.

Each chamber of the dispenser holds 115 pieces of cutlery.  This is about 2 sleeves. 
Do not attempt to overfill the chambers or push cutlery down from the top.  Pushing down on the stack of cutlery will cause the dispenser to jam.  Most jams can be fixed by removing the bottommost piece of cutlery in the stack.  

Training Videos

These brief videos offer a guide for users on how to best load and care for the dispenser.  



Support and Ordering More

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